About the digital library

In September, the Public Libraries of Malmö and Stockholm signed a letter of intent, outlining a joint effort in developing the digital library. Today, both libraries host a digital library, and both parties see the opportunity to better handle the digital challenges by working together. The first goal will be to develop a common digital service for children, and that the infrastructure behind this service can be reused for all other digital visitors.

The agreement will run for a year. However, within that year, the libraries hope that their collaboration will be the first step in a national effort in which all the country’s public libraries can be included. Vinnova, the Swedish innovation agency, are co-funding the project, and also SKL, Sweden’s municipalities and county councils, are supportive.

As two large public libraries, we see it as necessary and obvious to combine our resources to achieve a powerful digital library. There is no contradiction between working together and at the same time continue to be strong local players in our respective municipalities. We are convinced that a national initiative strengthens the local library for both small and large municipalities. This belief is based on experiences from our daily work, as well as on lessons learned from previous national projects.

Do you want to know more? Write to kontakt@digitalabiblioteket.se or contact us directly.

Mikael Petrén, Head of the Digital Library, Stockholm Public Library
Per Mattsson, Head of the Digital Library, Malmö Public Library